Dallas Toilet Repair and Installation Services

Toilet Repair & InstallationYou may not give much thought to your plumbing until something goes wrong. This is especially true when it comes to the toilet. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we have years of experience helping Dallas homeowners with toilet installation and repair. Thanks to our industry expertise, we can make suggestions for when a replacement is in order, or we can save you money by fixing whatever is causing you bill-raising and stress-inducing problems.

Why Isn’t It Working?

The signs you are in need of toilet repair are unmistakable. Many frustrated homeowners are familiar with the sight of a clog, the sound of a running toilet that won’t stop and the unfortunate smell of plumbing that isn’t working properly. The root of the problem, more often than not, usually requires the help of a professional.

There are several components on a toilet that can fail, such as:

Sometimes, all it takes is a quick fix to get your toilet up and running at peak performance again. In other instances, new toilet installation may be in order. Whatever your needs end up being, we’re ready and able to help.

Time for an Upgrade

Depending on how old your toilet is, you can almost always benefit from upgrading to a newer model. Advances in technology mean less water is used with every flush, which homeowners will see on the utility bill every month. Additionally, conserving water helps to preserve precious resources, which is why eco-friendly toilets are becoming more and more popular. One of our skilled technicians can help you decide if new toilet installation is right for you and help you pick out the most appropriate model for your budget and your home.