Slab Leak Detection Dallas

slab leak repair

A slab leak under a home’s foundation can be a nightmare for any Dallas area homeowner. Immediate pictures come to mind of destruction in and around the foundation and financial expenses that you don’t plan for. More often than not, a leak in your slab doesn’t have to be as devastating as what you would believe.

Slab Leaks Are Serious

The biggest reason slab leaks become catastrophic to your home and foundation, is because the leak underneath the slab may not be evident for weeks or months. Our master Dallas plumbers want to ensure your slab leak problem is resolved and fixed in an expedient manner. Immediate response is critical with foundation leaks, and with an emergency like this we promise to be on time or you get paid for every minute we’re late!

What Causes a Slab Leak?

A slab leak can result from water or sewer pipes cracking or breaking that are buried under the foundation. A tree root growing through the line or the pipes are old and deteriorating because of the sludge building up inside the pipe. There are numerous reasons water lines or sewer lines can become damaged, but if not detected will eventually warp your foundation, creating shifts. Many times the cracked pipes are the culprit, resulting in water rising to the surface. Other common signs are:

If you’’re experiencing any of these issues, call today and have one of our expert Dallas plumbers find your leak and get an estimate to fix your problem. Early leak detection is the best prevention so we provide a camera inspection to eliminate them from becoming a future issue in your home or office.

Remember, not every plumbing company deals with slab leak repair properly! Ben Franklin Plumbing of Dallas uses only high quality materials and cutting edge tools to ensure your slab leak problem won’t reoccur in the future.