Super Simple Ways to Save Water This Summer

Super Simple Ways to Save Water This Summer

If we’re honest, most of us know there are about a million things we could do to save on water. The thing is, a lot of those things can be a little… well, gross. No matter how much water it saves, you’ll be hard pressed to convince anyone not to flush the toilet. When considering […]

Have you ever wondered where your water comes from?

INFOGRAPHIC: Where Does Your Water Come From?

Last month, we broke down the journey Dalla’s water takes to you in three parts. Now, we’ve put all the pieces together, infographic-style. This is the story of your water: For more information about your water quality, or to have a home pipe and water inspection, call us today! We’ll make sure everything’s flowing just […]

Fixing garbage disposal problems

4 Garbage Disposal Problems and How to Fix Them

All garbage disposal problems has one thing in common: they’re annoying. It seems like the only time your disposal ever stops working is the night you just finished peeling 500 potatoes. What? It happens! Anyway, regardless of how desperately you need your garbage disposal, it sure is nice to have one. Like most appliances with moving […]

detachable showerhead. "Choosing the right showerhead"

Choosing the Right Showerhead

It was supposed to be a simple weekend project. It was supposed to take an hour; two, tops. But then you got to the store and realized: there are ten billion showerheads, and they all look weird and fancy. Showerheads are the type of appliance you never think about until you do. Then, when you […]

How Do Water Filters Work?

How do Water Filters Work?

To filter or not to filter: that is the question. The efficacy and necessity of the water filter is perhaps the most divisive of the totally mundane household preference arguments, along with the legendary “should we refrigerate our bread?” (yes) and “should we twist-tie our bags or twirl-and-tuck?” (twist-tie). So: should you filter your water? […]

shore of lake green with high algae levels. Algae in Arlington.

Algae in the Water: What You Should Know

Earlier this year, Arlington, Fort Worth, and parts of Dallas noticed that their water tasted and smelled weird. The story made headlines when the city released a statement acknowledging and explaining the problem. It turns out a type of blue-green algae growing in Lake Arlington was responsible for the taste and odor problems. Obviously, we […]

confused looking man covered in grease holding plunger and other tools. "More plumbing jobs you can learn to do yourself."

Plumbing Jobs You Can Do Yourself, Part 2

Last month, we taught you how to fix two of the most common plumbing problems by yourself. Now that you know how to fix leaky faucets and clogged drains like a pro, we think you’re ready to learn how to do a few more plumbing jobs. Doing simple maintenance like this will help keep your home’s […]

Smiling plumber with tools. "Plumbing you can do yourself!"

Plumbing Jobs You Can Learn to Do Yourself, Part 1

Plumbing looks intimidating (and a little stinky), but there are a couple plumbing projects that are easy enough for a homeowner to do themselves. The next time you have one of these annoyingly prevalent problems, you should feel free to fix it yourself! If you have the right tools, some good instructions, and a little patience, […]

Flushing a running toilet. "Fixing your running toilet."

How to Fix a Running Toilet

Do you have a running toilet? Then you better go catch it! … Are you still reading this? Ok, cool. We realize now that joking around with a person whose toilet won’t shut up was maybe not the best idea. How about we teach you how to fix the problem, no matter what it is? […]

Faucet running water. "Choosing the Right Faucet"

Choosing The Right Faucets

Choosing faucets for a new sink or replacing your old ones can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work. There are so many different styles to choose from, and so many different important features to consider. The stakes tend to feel high, too; after all, how will you […]

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