water backing up from blocked sink drain. "Preventing clogs before they happen"

How to Prevent Clogs Before they Happen

Nobody likes plunging. Clogs are a pain. They’re inconvenient, frustrating, and bad for your plumbing system. Preventing clogs before they happen will help ensure that you can use your plumbing appliances when you need them. It’ll also help keep your plumbing system working efficiently for as long as possible. Best of all, you don’t have to […]

What Are Your Pipes Made Of?

Your plumbing system is arguably the most important and indispensable mechanism in your home. Your plumbing system’s pipes are what make that system possible. Connecting each water fixture in your home directly with your sewer or septic system, pipes are responsible for transferring all the water you use in and out of your house. Simply […]

Bronze statue of a plumber. "History's most famous plumbers!"

The Most Famous Plumbers in History

Does “famous plumber” sound like an oxymoron to you? Don’t worry, we’re not offended; the fact of the matter is, plumbing isn’t a job you get into if you wanna be super-famous. Nevertheless, there have been a surprisingly number of famous (and infamous!) plumbers throughout history. They weren’t famous for just their plumbing, either. When these […]

man holding wrench, preparing to work on water softener. "Extend the life of your water softener"

Extending the Life of Your Water Softener

It’s safe to assume that you want your water softener to last as long as possible. Water softeners can be expensive, and you don’t want to go without one for very long. The good news: a water softener that is properly sized, installed, and maintained can last over 20 years. The better news: you can […]

flooded house "The Most $$$ Plumbing Disasters"

3 Priciest Home Plumbing Disasters and How To Prevent Them

Emergency plumbing problems are no fun. They’re even less fun when they end up being ridiculously expensive. Money that you could have used on a family vacation, a new car, or that nice pair of slippers you’ve had your eye on is all going toward repairing a problem you could have avoided in the first […]

Plumber in flannel shirt checking items off a list near p-pipe. "The annual plumbing checklist"

Annual Plumbing Maintenance: A Checklist

If you’re anything like us, your new year’s resolution was to take even better care of your home plumbing than you did last year. There’s always room to improve, even if you’re a plumber like us, right? Right! That’s why we put together this extensive checklist of things you should take a look at each […]

Gloved hand using toilet wand to scrub toilet in white bathroom. "The Bathroom Cleaning Checklist"

Keeping Your Bathroom Clean: A Checklist

Nobody (that we know of) really enjoys bathroom cleaning time, but when it comes to household hygiene, few things are more important. Have you ever been in a bathroom that has never been cleaned? It’s not pleasant, that’s for sure. Think of it this way: you have to clean your bathroom. Everyone does. If you […]

White linoleum sink pictured at crooked angle. "What to do if you drop something down the drain"

What to Do if Something Falls Down Your Drain

Dropping stuff down the drain sucks. It’s usually a freak accident that happens in an instant while you’re not paying attention. You’re washing your hands and thinking about lunchtime, and down goes your wedding ring. You feel stupid and frustrated and powerless and ashamed all at once. It’s a bad feeling, and it’s even worse if […]

Person at sink filling up glass with tap water from sink's faucet. "Is your tap water really safe to drink?"

Is My Tap Water Really Safe To Drink?

There are a lot of misconceptions floating around tap water. Depending on who you talk to, tap water is either safer than bottled water, or it’s loaded with radioactive metals and poison! The worst part of tap water urban legends is, when you start thinking about them, you swear you can taste something in your […]

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