Repair or Replace broken plumbing

Repair or Replace?

Aah, yes. The “repair or replace” debate. We know it well, and we’ve offered our opinions on when to replace toilets and pipes in the past. Questions about whether ’tis more sensible to repair or replace plumbing are among the most common we receive. It’s not hard to see why. Nobody wants to replace something […]

is your wet lawn causing sewer damage?

What Your Wet Lawn Could Mean

Every pipe in your home eventually leads down to a large pipe called a lateral connection. Your lateral connection is buried under your home and runs at an angle down into the municipal sewer system. While you’re not under any obligation to make sure the city sewer runs properly, the lateral connection is another story. […]

Civilization's first plumbers

The World’s First Plumbers

It doesn’t command the kind of prestige that, say, the discovery of fire does, but the invention of plumbing was a crucial steps toward making modern human civilization possible. After all, would you want to live near a bunch of people if no one knew what to do with their waste? Luckily for all of […]

how to really clean a toilet

Cleaning Your Toilet, The Right Way

Deep down, nearly every homeowner is afraid they’re not cleaning their toilet the “right” way. Who among us hasn’t had that niggling thought in the back of our heads as we scrub: “if mom could see the way we’re doing this, she’d yell at us.” At least part of the reason improper toilet cleaning is […]

Should I replace my toilet?

Do I Need to Replace This Toilet?

Toilets are difficult things to know. They’ve been built pretty much the same way for hundreds of years, so you can’t really tell how old they are. It might not work very well all the time, but you can’t tell if that’s normal or not. Plus, there’s that never unacknowledged but omnipresent feeling that it’s […]

How Pipe Replacement Improves Water Quality

There are a lot of advantages to old pipe replacement. Some, like improving your home’s resale value or preventing future maintenance problems, are obvious. Other advantages are more like happy surprises. For instance, if your tap water looks rusty or tastes weird, did you know that replacing your water supply pipes could solve your problem? […]

Plumbing check-ups to make once a week

The Weekly Plumbing Checkup Checklist

We get that you’re probably not into the idea of doing more chores. Especially plumbing chores. Not doing work is usually better than doing it, right? But what if you could do a tiny amount of work now to avoid having to do a ton of work later? Trust us, it’s easy: the plumbing checkup […]

why does my shower water feel so hard?

Why Does My Shower Water Feel Hard?

There are few things better than a hot shower. Not only does it feel great and relaxing, it might be the only time you get to yourself all day! Anything that threatens showertime is your mortal enemy. After all, if affects your shower, it affects your whole life. And that’s unacceptable. Your shower water can […]

Dramatic plumbing problems part 2

The Most Dramatic Plumbing Disasters part 2

Everyone loves plumbing disaster stories… unless they happen to be the unfortunate protagonist. Last week, we recounted two of the most dramatic, (literally) death-defying tales of plumbing gone wrong that we’ve ever heard of. Those were something else, for sure, but we’re not done yet. Not by a long shot. We saved two of the […]

The Most Dramatic Plumbing Disasters

The Most Dramatic Plumbing Problems, Part 1

What is it about gross horror stories that captivate all of us so much? Whether it’s a medical horror story or a plumbing problem gone horribly wrong, it seems like everyone’s suddenly all-ears. For us, stories like this make us feel how Spider-Man must feel when he hears about a crime he couldn’t stop. If […]

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