Pipe Repair & Repipe Services in Dallas

Pipe Repair ServicesIf you live in Dallas you know winter weather can suddenly freeze pipes. Broken pipes and pipe repair are a common incident for this area and unfortunately happen at the worst times. You need the experience and professionalism of Ben Franklin Plumbing Dallas to stop your leak problems before worse damage happens.

The most common reasons for broken pipes:

Around 20 degrees F is when we start to see broken pipes. Many homes built in the 60’s and 70’s were built with galvanized pipes, which have the tendency to corrode over time. This will eventually cause leaks you may not see or back up, spoiling the water or cracking and causing water damage. During the 1980’s and mid 1990’s many homes were plumbed with faulty polybutylene (plastic pipes).  Breaks in plastic pipes can start as hairline cracks or can break suddenly without little warning. Ben Franklin Plumbing knows that certain chemicals especially chlorine will eat through the inner lining in the pipe. Corrosion and swelling will occur much faster causing the pipe to burst as opposed to slow water line leaks.

At Ben Franklin Plumbing Company in Dallas, you can count on our quick response.  Our expert knowledge and tools will help to prevent further damage to your home because we do the job right the first time. Punctuality and outstanding performance ensure that you get the best service with no hassle.

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Don’’t take any chances. Water damage due to a broken pipe can create drywall rot, wood decay, toxic mildew, rusting metal, warping plywood and loss of your most valued personal possessions. We will make it a priority to send one of our expert Dallas plumbers to survey your home and provide you an estimate to get your life back to normal.