Plumbing Repair Services in Dallas


plumbing and tools lying on drawing for repair. Focus on the word cold

The last thing you need is for a water heater to leak, water line to break or a faucet to drip. This is why Ben Franklin Plumbing offers 24-hour service seven days a week, 365 days of the year. Our flat rate pricing stays the same, even for weekend calls when you may need emergency plumbing repairs.

The Ben Franklin Plumbing team is available around the clock. We come to your home prepared, and our service trucks are like rolling warehouses. We go to every job knowing you don’t have time for a plumber to go to the supply house – that’s why Ben Franklin Plumbing Dallas makes every effort to bring the supply house to you!

Leak Plumbing Repair

Water lines leak and gas lines leak, day or night, and we are here to service your needs. If your meter is spinning or your floors feel warm to the touch you may have a water leak. Our licensed plumbers will diagnose your problem using state of the art equipment and relying on years of experience. Our plumbers pinpoint the problem and repair the leak as efficiently as possible. Our team stands at the ready to respond quickly when you need help with a water leak to stop any further damage from happening.

Gas Pipe Plumbing Repair

Call Ben Franklin Plumbing Company in Dallas. Our licensed plumbers are qualified to repair or repipe gas lines. We make it our business to be aware of code regulations in every city we service. And our upfront pricing includes all costs from installation, material, permits and more. One price for the complete job.

Toilets, Faucets & Sink Repair & Replacement

Is it time to replace your kitchen or bathroom faucets? Maybe you want a new bathtub or a high efficiency toilet. Benjamin Franklin Plumbers can do it all! In fact, we offer a wide variety of brands and finishes for your kitchen or bathroom remodels. Ask one of our licensed plumbers about a taller, comfort height toilet or low water consumption toilets.

Drain Cleaning & Drain Treatment

If the bathroom sink has standing water that won’t go down, or your toilet backs up onto the floor; it may be time to schedule a plumbing repair. We’’ll clean those drains out completely, advise you towards proper service, and recommend a drain treatment program with our patented privately labeled “Bio Ben” product. Bio Ben can be applied in a variety of drains including your garbage disposal, dish washer, kitchen drain, bathroom drains and many other places! Our biodegradable all natural product is environmentally friendly so it won’t pollute ground water and when used consistently it can help keep all your drains flowing smoothly.

Whole House Water Filtration Systems & Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

Although tap water in Dallas ranks higher in quality and taste than other major metropolitan cities, it still has a lot of impurities that are not good for your health. If you find you’re buying lots of bottled water, call us for comprehensive water filtration solutions. A whole house water filter can remove impurities from your water.