Sink and Tub Replacement – Dallas

Sink & Tub ReplacementWhen was the last time you sat in a hydro spa tub and let the jets massage your body with endless pulsating water? Have you ever wanted to take a shower that offered cascading water on all parts of your body? Start planning your dream bathroom today with custom sink and tub replacement from Ben Franklin Plumbing.

If you’’re getting tired of walking into your bathroom and looking at your plain tub and shower then call our Dallas plumbing company to provide you with the ultimate tub replacement that you can’’t wait to use.

Tub Replacement & Installation Services

Benjamin Franklin plumbers in Dallas can install the perfect tub and/or shower to suit the specific needs in your home. Top of the line materials and products are the only option we offer when meeting the needs of our clients.  Our plumbing team is experienced with whirlpools, spa tubs, cast iron, steel or acrylic tubs. No matter the material, we promise to complete the task swiftly and professionally.

You don’’t need the resort experience to achieve ultimate comfort and relaxation in the bath tub you only dream about. Ben Franklin Plumbing Company of Dallas has many choices and options you can choose from. You deserve the ultimate bathroom of your dreams.

Expert Sink Replacement & Installation

Has your kitchen sink become an eye sore?  Does your bathroom sink need a major makeover? Would you like a top of the line kitchen sink that will handle all your cooking needs? There are lots of choices in sinks you can choose from; stylish, efficient and unique.

Our Dallas plumbing team offers a wide assortment of sinks from traditional and classic to chic and trendy.   We have all the name brands you’’ve come to trust and some you probably didn’’t know existed. Now more than ever, this is a good time to upgrade your home, and your kitchen or bathroom is a great place to start. Get your estimate today call Ben Franklin Plumbing Company of Dallas to schedule an appointment!