Dallas Gas Leak Repair & Detection

Expert Gas Leak Detection Services

gas top stove burning in kitchenIf you suspect you have a gas leak, but are unsure if its gas or some other odor, don’’t take a chance. The potential health hazards a gas leak creates for your family and your pets can be serious, from dangers to your long term health and wellbeing all the way to the potential to cause fires or home explosions. That’s why we – and you – take gas leak repair and detection very seriously.

Professional & Timely Gas Leak Repair

Gas leaks can result from the gas lines themselves developing leaks or a faulty appliance that requires gas. Whatever kind of gas leak you have or suspect you have, Ben Franklin Plumbers in Dallas  employs the best local technicians that have the gas leak repair and detection tools to locate the source of your gas leak. When you give us the green light, we’’ll promptly repair or replace the gas line when necessary, keeping you and your family safe and sound.