Yard & Water Line Leak Repair in Dallas

Yard & Water Line Leak RepairIs your Dallas water bill is mushrooming with no reasonable explanation? If so, you’’re probably the recipient of a phantom water leak in your home or yard, often times referred to as a yard line leak. You need to check under your cabinets, closets, kitchen, bathroom, and yard to confirm whether you have a leak or if someone has left a faucet running. If you can’’t find the culprit, it’’s a guarantee Ben Franklin Dallas Plumbing has the tools and equipment to solve your leak issues. Nobody wants to be paying money for water that you don’t need to be using especially under the strict water restrictions of surrounding cities in the DFW metroplex.

Yard Line Leaks

Low spots, sinking areas in your yard, and flooded spots are all good signs you have a leaky yard line in your yard.  Don’t start digging where the flood spot is, generally leaks in the yard lines or pipes are most often found in another area of the yard.

Our Dallas Plumbers use state of the art tools and many years of experience to locate the precise spot of your yard leak. We have a fully-stocked van with all the tools and supplies necessary to get your leak fixed and your water bills back to normal.

Water Line Leaks

Water line leaks can be very hard to detect. A quick check underneath your sinks, toilet run on, faucet leaks both in and outside the home, are all immediate areas to check.  If you’’re still not sure, then you need to call our Dallas Plumbers to locate and repair your leaking water line and pipes in a prompt and orderly fashion.