Sewer Line Repair, Water Line Repair & Line Replacement Services in Dallas

Sewer Line Repair & Line Installation

Raw sewage creates a smell you can’t ignore.  If you detect a distasteful odor in your home or on your property which reminds you of rotten eggs, you may have a sewer line crack or backup. Sewer line cracks and clogs usually happen because of tree or plant roots growing in the line or creating pressure that forces cracks.  Don’t delay, call a Dallas qualified plumber to diagnose these issues, because procrastinating can lead to worse problems like a total line collapse, which will be financially devastating.

Our professional plumbers in Dallas and surrounding areas can pinpoint your sewer line problem with certainty and expertise. Don’t hesitate – Call Ben Franklin Dallas Plumbers immediately, we can possibly prevent further sewer line damage before the problem brings additional destruction to your yard or home.

Water Line Repair & Replacement

Yard & Water Line Leak Repair

Water line repair and replacement are a common occurrence in Dallas area homes. No matter how much treatment is applied to the general water, your lines in your home are faced with a continual build-up of rust and lime. This combination tends to create damage to the line causing breaks or leaks that will eventually cost you.  Don’t take any chances, if you notice a leak or have a line break, take action now. Minerals such as excess zinc, rust, and other potentially harmful contaminants can mix in your drinking water and eventually have harmful effects on your overall health.

Our Dallas Plumbers can identify your water line issues with their expertise and knowledge. Call Ben Franklin Dallas Plumbers before your water line problem gets worse, and our professional plumber will eliminate any further water leaks from recurring at your home or office.

With all of our line repairs and line installation, we can provide a camera inspection of your cleared lines! You’ll not only be able to experience the difference, you will see it too!

Gas Line Repair and Line Installation

Gas Lines are a vital part of most every home in the Dallas area. It’s easy to take for granted, that your gas line will always be free of leaks or damage, but gas leaks happen every day.  Unfortunately a majority of households never know they have a gas leak or how it occurred.   Gas leaks can be very dangerous for your family, yourself, your pets, and your home. If there is a continual gas build up, you may face health problems including possible suffocation, electrically ignited explosions, and other damage you didn’’t anticipate.

Often, gas leaks produce very little odor and cannot be seen and consequently may not lead to immediate symptoms.  If you notice your natural gas bill climbing, or you or your family members experience constant headaches, or other ongoing health issues, that can’t be explained, you need to take immediate action. Call immediately and have an expert Dallas plumber from Ben Franklin check for leaks in and outside your home.  They have the tools to find the leak and repair it or install new gas lines in order to ensure the safety of your family, yourself, your pets, and your home.