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Our Practical Plumbing Promise

Whether you own or rent their home, if you live in Roanoke, TX or the surrounding area, you can feel comfortable knowing that your plumbing repair needs are covered by the thoroughly and specially trained plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. We’re locally owned, and have a long standing dedication to hiring not only the most experienced plumbers in the area, but the most trustworthy and reliable ones as well.

We keep our standards high by sticking to our tried and true message of morality, trustworthiness, and punctuality. No matter what your need is, whether it’s help stopping a burst pipe, unclogging a troublesome drain, or installing a new bathtub, we’ve got the tools to get the job done.

Repair Services We Provide

Right after you call us looking for assistance, we’ll arrange to send a specially trained technician to diagnose, address, and fix your issue. Our plumbers travel in fully stocked trucks so there are never any needless delays in addressing your problems because of missing parts. Problems like the following:

Plumbing Installation Services

Looking to update your home plumbing fixtures? Our team has trained individuals who would be happy to sit down with you to talk about the development of a custom remodel, upgrade, or installation plan that’s just right for you. A few of the services we provide include:

We offer direct pricing quotes before work begins on all of our services so there aren’t any surprises during any part of the process.

A Few Roanoke Plumbing Tips

  • Trying to find tips on DIY drain cleaning? Wet/dry vacuums can help you fix clogged drains! Just make sure when you use one that you’ve got a tight seal and are aware of the potential mess use can cause.
  • When you’re putting things down your garbage disposal, always put them down in “bite-size portions.” Bigger pieces can dull blades and cause problematic clogs.
  • Did you know that if you install a water softener in your home that soap lathers better on you and both your skin and hair will feel better being washed with soft water than hard water?