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Our Practical Plumbing Promise

The best plumbing repair is about more than just simple fixes. It goes beyond just fixing a shower, unclogging a toilet, or repairing some pipe. Once you get past the tools it comes down to one very important thing: people. The individuals that Benjamin Franklin Plumbing send to homes in the Keller, TX are guaranteed to be the very best in their field. We support this assertion by going through with rigorous skill testing before hiring anyone on.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing understands how important the people factor is when it comes to home plumbing care and that’s why we not only care about experience, but personableness and respectfulness as well. We want you to be comfortable when we send a technician to your home, and we’re eager to prove our dedication to respect, care, and quality work to you.

Repair Services We Provide

We offer the very best in plumbing repair services and are ready to send a technician to your home as quickly as possible to diagnose, address, and fix whatever is currently going on. Our plumbers travel in trucks that are always fully stocked so there will never be unnecessary delays in the addressing of your problems, such as:

Plumbing Installation Services

We have specially trained technicians on our team to work with you to develop a custom remodeling or installation project to fit your vision, your budget, and your timeline. A few of the related services we provide include:

In addition to this, we offer upfront pricing quotes before work begins on all of our services.

A Few Keller Plumbing Tips

  • Plumbing myths exist, and they’re common enough that most people – even you – believe in them without doubt. For example, many people think that pouring drano down your toilet is a great way to clear a clog. Not true! Chemical clog cleaners like Drano can cause long-lasting damage to the lining of metal pipes and completely dissolve plastic ones, so beware.
  • You can use bleach to clean out your garbage disposal. Pour a small amount down the drain while running cold water to push food through the disposal!
  • Did you know that if you connect two pipes of different metals can cause rapid corrosion? If you’re installing your own pipes and want to avoid problems, make sure they’re of the same materials or you could face some very expensive and troublesome repairs.