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Our Practical Plumbing Promise

Quality plumbing repair is about more than just the easy fixes. It goes beyond just unclogging a drain, tightening a pipe, or fixing a leak. Once you get past the tools and technology, it comes down to one very important thing: people. The individuals that Benjamin Franklin Plumbing send to homes in the Farmers Branch, TX are the very best in their field. We guarantee this by going through with rigorous skill and dependency testing before hiring anyone on.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing understands how important the people factor is when it comes to home care and that’s why we not only care about skills and experience, but personableness and respectfulness as well. We want you to be comfortable when we send a technician to your home, and we’re ready, eager, and prepared to prove our dedication to respect, care, and quality work to you the moment you ask.

Repair Services We Provide

We offer the very best in plumbing repair services and are ready to send a technician to your home as quickly as possible to diagnose, address, and fix whatever is currently plaguing you. Our plumbers travel in trucks that are always fully stocked so there will never be unnecessary delays in the addressing of your problems. Problems like:

Before we begin any of our installations, we guarantee you will receive direct, up front pricing quotes. No surprises.

Plumbing Installation Services

Not only are we proud to provide the best plumbers to fix, seal, and tighten your pipes, we also hire specially trained technicians that can work with you to develop custom remodeling and installation projects. A few of the related services we provide include:

In addition to this, we offer direct pricing quotes before work begins on all of our services.

A Few Farmers Branch Plumbing Tips

  • Searching for tips on DIY drain cleaning? If you have a basic clog in your sink or bathtub, you can use your toilet plunger to dislodge it without having to call a plumber.
  • Having some trouble with your laundry room plumbing? How old is your washing machine? Maybe it’s time to switch to a high efficiency washing machine! They’re capable of getting clothes cleaner while using less water than traditional units.
  • There a number of warning signs that can tip you off to a potential gas leak. One of the biggest signs is a strong rotten egg smell. If you sniff that when entering your home, leave immediately and call the proper officials.